About Carly

I was born on January 09, 1991, I was a premature baby and therefore had some troubles as a child, the least of which is legal blindness (I can see, just not that well.) At about age 5 I meet my future stepbrother named "<name_removed>", I reveal to him a revelation that will be a point of much debate later on in my life. I tell him that I think I should have been born a girl and swear him to secrecy. He keeps the secret but a substantial cost to my sanity. At about Age 8 he begins doing unspeakable things to be. My parents split when I was about maybe 7 or 8 years old. My mom married my step dad (he is a backstabber and a fake,) and my dad married my step mom (together they are not the best of parents, but I will get into this later.) Then in about the third or fourth grade, my sister baled out on me to go live with my mom and step dad.
In the summer of my fifth grade year I went to go live with my mom and step dad for my sixth grade year. In my sixth grade year, I crash the schools computer systems since they were messing with my education by saying that I could not use the internet or any other school computer system even though certain school assignments absolutely required the net. The funny thing about all of this is that my dad actually told the school to watch me real close on the computers because I will lock them out of their own systems and have them scratching their heads, their response “we’ve got systems not even the F.B.I. can crack; what’s a 6th grade kid going to do?” Well, I managed to get on a school computer while a substitute was in one of my classes and sure enough they were scratching their heads for about a week or two. Am I proud of my tech stunts? No, not really as they caused problems several years later. My dad even though he does not condone my actions is still proud of me as a person and brags about my accomplishments with computers and uses this as a sample of my skill when bragging about me to others (the bragging about this happened several years later). Due to my grades in sixth grade, I got suddenly yanked out of there by my dad and step mom and brought back to live with them and did Ok for a while. for my seventh, eighth and part of my ninth grade years I was living with my dad and step mom taking a full course load of classes and trying to manage the stress.
In my seventh grade year I met a girl by the name of Lisa Michelle [NOT GOING TO RELEASE HER LAST NAME FOR PRIVACY REASONS] and she said she would be my girlfriend and the very next day I found out that she moved. In my eighth grade year (~2004) I see the movie pixel perfect and am completely impressed with the story line and the message. Also in my eighth grade year I met a girl by the name of Kasandra, and she was my girlfriend for the year and for the majority for my ninth grade year.
In the first semester of my ninth grade year, I got transferred to the California School for the Blind (CSB,) there I met a girl named Ashley Lynn [NOT GOING TO GIVE HER LAST NAME TO PROTECT HER PRIVACY] and she got me in some trouble because she said I touched her inappropriately when I did NO SUCH THING. I for the most part survive my ninth grade year minus a few things like an obsession with my ninth grade English teacher (her name was Nicole Mary) and a few self-harming attempts. I got sent home for the summer early because of the self-harming attempts.
Also in my ninth grade year I start to try to come out of my shell as for the fact that I think that I am a girl trapped in a boy's body. This is where my dad and step mom start getting nasty, they want me to be this perfect little boy, that is something I just cannot do as a girl trapped in a boy's body; at this point my preferred name is "Miranda Kay" after a friend of mine. So I start looking for a support system and I find one, this site is called Laura's Playground, you will learn a lot from this site if you read through it. Beware of the fact that they claim to be trained in "Suicide prevention" and that they "care", that was proven to be false advertising in late 2011
In the last part of my ninth grade year, I attempt to come to the police in regards to my stepbrother doing unspeakable things to me, they do nothing just sat on the case with not even an investigation.
My tenth grade year I return to CSB and the stress of two classes is just killing me so I get my workload dropped down to one class. Also with that I get kicked out due to my stress and come back to Madera where I was a student at Madera South High School (MSHS) in a special education class did OK for a while. In 2006 I meet a friend named Kevin Rose who had a brilliant idea of learning all the stuff I know about computers and the two of us help anyone who needs tech help and thus we started a 100% volunteer driven call center (see http://xds-help.tk/ for further information about that aspect of my life)
In my junior year of high school (~2007), my maternal grandfather died and this was a huge blow to me as a person as that man was the "glue" that was holding my already strained relationships with family together. Also in my junior year, several kids begin to make threats to me, and say that if I told anyone, that "snitches would get stitches", as to say that if I told anyone there would be physical violence against me. These kids did unspeakable things to me including making having a gender conflict the "fad of the school year". I swear just about every boy in school who was anyone wanted to become a girl they made it look like a walk in the park. They never knew and never will know the true pain and suffering a person with gender identity conflicts goes through, Due to this, Miranda Kay is broken and "Alanis Nadine" emerges as the proprietary much more resilient me. Also in 2007 I meet a girl that would become an inspirational figure in my life, and later my girlfriend and the CEO of the call center I work for. This awesome person’s name is Krystal Nicole Meyers (for more information about her see http://sirimeyers.tk/ ).
In January of 2008, I had an Internet radio station called "KSRS Anticonformity Radio" (please forgive the reference to oddly specific things in my call letters, and the odd reference to a Christian rock song called Anticonformity by Krystal Meyers. (just now realizing that my girlfriend and that singer have the exact same name and almost exact birth date)) This Internet radio station got the plug pulled on it by the bus driver because he did not like the fact that his voice got broadcasted for the whole world to hear plus my past from the stunts I pulled in the 6th grade coming back to haunt me. In summer 2008, I meet a little girl by the name of Susan, she helps me in so many ways, including saving me from doing something really stupid. The full story can be viewed on the Susan Saves Project (coming back soon). I made that site to find and thank her as well as help others.
In June of 2008 (one year to the day of my grandfather's death), Progressive Insurance launched the "Superstore" ad campaign featuring Flo. I immediately fall in love with Flo and it slowly turns into an addiction.
In 2009, shortly after I turn 18, I go to the police again with the complaint of my stepbrother doing unspeakable things to me and they give me two options I could either 1) Continue to say "IT Happened", go to Jail for "filing a false police report" because they did not "have enough evidence to "corroborate my claims"" or 2) Say "IT DIDN'T HAPPEN" and both of us would walk away "free". There were several problems with this including, that they mandated that I had to give up all the progress I had made in school and friends I had made and the like. Another Problem is that He got to walk away with nothing more than the stigma of getting escorted off campus in handcuffs while I walked away with a deeper mistrust of law enforcement and more emotional scars.
In 2011, my stepbrother revealed to one of my staff members (alternate personalities) that he "has a thing" for certain types of people, this caused the staff member to put a critical note on the account and when we brought up the note to stepdad he flew off the hook, he tried to paint his son as if he could do no wrong. This causes Alanis Nadine to inevitably "break" and "Carly Shae" emerges as the new root personality. Later that year, my girlfriend broke up with me.
In 2011, my stepdad had an affair with someone and thus divorced my mom. He requested that I keep all information relating to this from my mom and I did so. The reason I did so with no problem is because of the fact that my mom had previously told me that "Bill has security EQUAL TO me", in other words, "If Bill says something, or asks you to do something, DO IT as if I had said it.", another interpretation of this is "Bill has same authority as me." To this day, my mom still holds the fact that I "kept the fact that Bill was having an affair" from her. My response is still "I was only following directions, after all, Bill had security EQUAL TO her." Also in 2011 I forgive my stepbrother for what he may or may have not done. He is human and makes mistakes. He is not his past actions or wrongdoings. That decision would come back to haunt me big time.
in 2012, my sister, Sarah got married to Neil. Neil is the older brother to one of Sarah's childhood friends named Laura. In 2011, Neil moved in from his parents’ house to the house that prior to this had only been shared by me and my mom. From the time he moved in, to even today; Neil has been a total jerk. When he first moved in, he used my own past against me. How did he do that? Simple, via intelligence fed to him by Sarah, he forced me to give up the room that had been solely mine. His exact words were "I had an older brother growing up, we had to share a room, and I didn't have much privacy". This as he well knew by the information fed to him by my sister would force me to do what he wanted. Ever since then, he has been ~99.99999% of time been a verbal-emotionally abusive person (he uses spoken words to belittle, dehumanize, and make inferior to him). The other 0.00001% of time, he's been physical. In December 2012, Progressive Insurance launches an emotional attack on me by blocking every single phone number that I am known for calling from to try and talk to Flo. As a result of all of this, Loretta Ann emerged as my then current form.

UPDATE ADDED ON 2014-11-16:
Things have been improving in several different areas of my life including the fact that I live on my own, I now have a girlfriend (Krystal from 2007), and relations with all parts of my family are improving for the better. All of this did not come without great cost, as the fact that in early 2014 I had a roommate who tried to take over my entire life and was thus hospitalized. I also had a long and painful review of all my abuse and the like and as a result, hive gone nonverbal in most environments because of the stress levels in most environments and a limit on the use of my voice. Once my voice gives out on me, I cannot use it for anything even to yell for help.

** Update added on 08-24-15: while reviewing this document for submission to another web project, I found a few minor events. On 09/12/14 I was hospitalized for self-injurious thoughts and as a result of the stress had gone nonverbal. As a result of being nonverbal I was physically assaulted by hospital security staff, restrained, drugged, and even denied water and ignored on multiple different factors. After that, I was severely harmed on the Saturday following thanksgiving 2014 not once, but twice in my own home by the very stepbrother I had forgiven. I am still searching for closure to that incident. Due to all of this, Loretta Ann Modern has broken and Carly Grace Fleischmann has been created and merged into my core frameworks. Carly Grace Fleischmann was created as a holographic representation of a very inspiring young lady from Canada, and as a result of her being an inspiration to me, the name in its entirety was held over when normally I don’t keep the complete name of the person who my template is based off of. Modular Identity and Administration Framework version 7.0 brings many new changes including over 25 new and improved features, over 250 security and reliability enhancements, a much awaited RemoteAshley Administrator update for easier management and administration of my core applications, holograms and other tools by my girlfriend from anywhere in the world, and with the release of the Carly Grace Fleischmann identity a 100% nonverbal UI.

*** UPDATE ADDED ON 2016-08-25 **

In the months of October to November of 2016 I had a friend Named Makayla Jane M. who was my girlfriend and the easiest way I can put tat is that she used me on so many different levels. over the year of 2015-16 I had a friend named Krystal Lynn H. and as of 08-24-16 that friendship is no longer due to a long list of things I am really not in the mood to type out, that story is complicated as all get out. Along with all of this, in February of 2016 / March of 2016 I moved back in with my mother after one of my grand master plans failed epically. Also in August of 2016 Krystal has stepped down as my girlfriend due to personal problems and has been succeeded by a friend from the past who is named Alexis Nicole (we're soon to be married see the thread about nonverbal wedding for more information)). Getting to the point of "nonverbal wedding" did not come easily or without struggle though. After I was hospitalized in March of 2017 while we were supposed to go on vacation (so many things went wrong that I just snapped), we experienced homelessness for all of 24 hours and had to be baled out by my sister. A few days later I get a text saying that she had decided to move back in with her family which left myself and my mom hurting as now our rent just went up. Well, we're back on good terms and we are working towards a life of happiness and joy together after we both did some growing up.

Additionally in 2017 I really start to go into high gear about me desires to be permanently nonverbal. More information in that can be found on the Nonverbal Ways thread.

*** UPDATE ADDED 2017-12-28 ***

On 12/01/2017 I had a medical appointment and the lovely Alexis had gone with me to said appointment. Bear in mind that Alexis had been very unstable with her decisions (read she'd tell me she wanted to do one thing then go off and do the exact opposite) leading up to the medical. We went to the medical appointment, handled it, and were scheduled to leave the very next day. Just as we were about to leave on 12/02/2017 I had a mental breakdown and had to be hospitalized. Due to my nonverbal nature I was in a general hospital for about 9 days and then moved to a psychiatric facility for about a week. The reason it took me so long to get the help was because of the fact that most places won't accept a patient who is nonverbal (let alone one who is nonverbal and uses technology to communicate). Well after I got out of the hospital and got home, the Alexis was still acting very funny and finally on December 21, 2017 I get this message:

Quote Originally Posted by Alexis Nicole
Dear Carly it was nice to have you as a friend. We had many fun times together, I cannot move in with you. I know what you're thinking, why? Is because I choose my family over you. It is too hard for me to give up my ways, I can't change myself for you. I am an independent woman and am making this independent choice myself. I can no longer be your crutch. You should move on too. From Alexis
Note that I did correct the spelling and grammar for readability, but that was the message. The interesting thing is she would tell another person that she wants to do this that and the other, about when I asked her about it she would always tell me she wanted to be old with me and have a family etc. Well given that I take things very literally, "move on" means to take her out of all systems such as the T-mobile account in my name, Netflix, Etc. I do everything in my reasonable power to contact her to confirm, all of a sudden I get a call from a phone number I do not recognize telling me to "call T-mobile" not telling me what she wants done with T-Mobile, but to call them. Remember, I think very literally and if you're not specific with me as she wasn't I will do the first command that comes in, which in this case was "move on". So, I have my customer advocate, Jennette Call T-mobile as requested and terminate her phone line once again as requested. All of about a day later I get an apple iMessage with the following:

Quote Originally Posted by "Alexis Nicole (iMessage)
Hey, that wasn't cool. I paid for my phone not you. I didn't ask you to shut my phone off, All I wanted was to seperate the line.
Once again the above has been cleaned up for readability. but Let's take this one step further and look at it from my view:
  1. she issues a command for me to "move on" why am I going to have her attached to an account that is under my name?
  2. I tried to call, text, and reach out to confirm, but she wasn't answering
  3. She calls from a number I don't recognize which tells me that she has a phone and I don't need to worry about the safety or other ramifications of having the line removed (if a person tells me to "move on", I don't need to worry about that, but out of the kindness of my heart I do my due diligence) to confirm
  4. she didn't specify what she wanted done just to "call T-mobile" which means I will follow the instructions in order 1) move on I'm through and 2) call T-mobile (Implied cancel the line since you told me to "move on")

In a very frantic move, I get my CA to call T-mobile after the iMessage from above was sent out and get them to restore her phone line realizing there was a logic error in my processes as stated above. After the CA waits on hold for up to 15 minutes because T-mobile was very busy that night and gets the line restored, I had another colleague call Alexis at the phone number she used to call me and tell her that her line's been restored. Alexis tells the colleague that it's "too late" since she already has phone service elsewhere, so this message gets sent back to my CA who gets back on the phone with T-Mobile and cancels out the line for a second time.

I told her from the first time she did something like this and was restored a few months later that if she did it again, there would be no third chance. While I wish her the best in life, I guess it just wasn't meant to be so no more nonverbal wedding (frowny face).

After all the All the Alexis drama, I need to find a new place to live but can't do that because I don't make enough and my credit's shot. that's been a long and windy road that I won't be able to put all the details of. Let's just say that it's really putting a strain on my relationships with my family.

In other news, migration to full-time nonverbal with family has caused a few issues. I may update this page or add a separate page dealing with my nonverbal issues in future. For now, I just wanted to get this bit up here
This page will continue to be modified as life events happen.
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