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  1. Multiplicity Entry 17: Midical Issues

    Hi Everyone:

    So this last week has been interesting to say the least, both myself and my fiancee have had multiple hospital visits including the following:
    • I had a seizure on last Wednesday
    • My Fiancee had really bad knee pain from a "strained knee" according to the ER
    • and today, my fiancee is back in ER because she is having all manner of symptoms including what we think i an asthma attack.

    as you can see it's been quite the week and due to the way ...
  2. Multiplicity Entry 15 -- Out of Hospital and it's been hard

    Entry Date/Time Stamps: Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 22:28 Pacific Time (UTC -08:00 U.S. & Canada)
    Entry UID: Melanie Elizabeth (ME1033)


    So, I got out of hospital a few days ago and My Fiancee has been with me since then. Well today, she went home to spend time with family who were visiting from out-of-state. Well as with every time before this that she left ...
  3. Multiplicity Entry 14 - Nonvrbal in the hospital

    Date: 2017.08.08 @ 17:15
    Entry UID: Carly Grace (CF2649)
    Method: FAST PUBLISH: this log is entered AS IS and will NOT have any revisions made to it.

    Greetings all:

    so, I've been in hospital for the last five days and it's sure been one heck of a ride. I had a mental breakdown and that's what got me there in the first place. We worked on adjusting my medications and stabilizing me on said medications. It was rough the since just today I got authorization ...
  4. REG: Lyrics Remix -- "Nonverbal Ways" -- CF/KM Rmix

    Original Artist: Dual Core
    Remix Title: Nonverbal Ways
    Remix by: C. Fleischmann & K. Meyers

    Internal Notes: this is another song about the hospital incident (see “Lindsay”) for a more in-depth explanation and another song about the same incident. Further note, that since Krystal came up with the bulk of these lyrics, I feel it’s only right that she post this first under her account and I take a copy. As a result of the second note this will be posed twice for ...
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