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    The story of jerk medic has a happy ending though. My colleague, @jmccurdy, made a phone call a few days after it all happened and spoke to a guy at the ambulance company. Who said that they would follow up with the medic, and see what they could do. It was discovered that the reason why my fiancÚ could not come with us is due to the way their insurance works. This was not explained properly to me or my fiancÚ. They figured that out, and now they are going to put notes in the computer system that whenever an ambulance is dispatched to me, it's one of the first things they see that I am nonverbal and use a specialized assistive technology device to communicate. One has to love technology.

    Quote Originally Posted by SiriNicole
    Technology. It gives sight to the blind, literacy to the dyslexic, and a voice to the voiceless; most importantly, it changes people's lives for the better.
    And additional thing that my colleague shared with the guy from the ambulance company is that most if not all of my medical information, is stored in my iPhone in my medical ID and the way to access such information.
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    I don't like that medic and I agree with you. He should be fired. No one picks on someone like that. It's wrong and cruel.I'm sorry you had to go through that. Medics should learn some respect for the in need and disability. 😡
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