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REG: Spider phone :(

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Hi all:

i know now itís been awhile since I put together a blog entry, so this change worthy entry about my iPhone and a cracked screen will serve to show that I havenít been committed to a nut ward for life..

yesterday on 10/20/17 I had discovered I left my wallet at a vendor location the night previous and I was scheduled to have lunch with my mom. So, I rushed out the door to get my wallet, I was subsequently startled by a loud noise and dropped my iPhone and the screen was toast as shown in the images linked to.

image link:

well Jennette, my customer advocate fought with long and hard but they were refusing to give a free repair even though the phone is pretty significant considering my health and safety requirements. Hold on, there is still hope! After being recommended to a local cell phone repair shop here, the guy said as a one time courtesy to me because of my special needs he will 1)put tape on it today for free so I donít cut myself up trying to use my phone, and 2) take $20 off the repair and I can pay for the repair and have the work done on the first of November.

Compaired to appleís repair rates for my phone even $80plus tax is a bargain! Apple charges ~$250 for repairing it because of it being out of warranty and this guy only charges $80for same repair. I get it for the one time price of &60

**** UPDATE ON 10/23/17 ****

so after having my CA do a bunch of claiming on my credit card, we got the money to do the repair and if you look in the attached link, youíll notice a new photo. It is good as new
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