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Who/What is the "Help" Account?

The "Help" account is a system account controlled and operated by SiriHosting Web Services (the organization running the web hosting for the site). The purpose of this account is to provide assistance to board management (owners, administrators, and moderators) and to assist in managing things like moderation cues, site features, etc.

You might be contacted by the Help account via forum PM in response to a question you posted in the "HELP!" area or to communicate an important message. You might also be contacted by the Help account to request access to your account for troubleshooting.

p.s. we sometimes just like to say "hello" an might contact you for that reason as well.

Are "Sirinicole" and "SiriHosting" the same thing?

The short answer: these two entities are not directly related nor are they the same thing

the more complicated answer: They are kind of related... but it's a stretch as described below:

the founder of SiriHosting is an employee of the volunteer organization where the person "Siri" is the CEO and the two are very close friends, but that's where the similarities end. The differences are described below:

SiriNicole: A person (named "Krystal" in reality) who uses the nickname "Siri" because she is nonverbal and uses her iPad to communicate and the voice sounds like the original Siri on the iPhone 4S (she chose this nickname and it just kind of stuck)

yes, her middle name is actually "Nicole" :-)

and to answer the question before it's even asked, "SiriNicole" loves Winx and doesn't mind being called "Siri" or "Siri Nicole", or just "Krystal"

SiriHosting: a small, independent web hosting organization that hosts the servers that host the site.

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