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I use WindowEyes or another screen reader on Windows, Why is the site behaving erratically?

The Short answer: That's just the way it is and we cannot control how our software interacts with desktop screen readers The More Technical Answer: We have undertaken testing with WindowEyes and found that it does not recognize certain elements on edit screens like the rich text editor and we have not tested it by disabling this feature on a test account. The software that powers the website (WinxPortal® Social Intranet Platform) was designed by a third-party developer and then customized by our team. The base software has some technical problems with interacting with desktop screen readers, but seems to have little-to-no issues when using iOS VoiceOver (on iPad or iPhone). The Current Solutions to try:
  1. Try to use a mobile device such as iPhone or iPad with VoiceOver turned on.
  2. Try asking a sighted individual for help in changing the editor style in your userCP under general settings under Miscellaneous Options and changing Message Editor Interface to the second option in that group (" Basic Editor - A simple text box"). We have no guarantees that modifying this setting will fix the issue, but if you want to experiment with it go ahead

What is the Site Accessibility Policy for Customers with Special Needs?

At Dream of Winx we pride ourselves on making our site accessible to the widest number of people regardless of disability; however, we cannot guarantee that our site will be 100% accessible to 100% of the users who may have special access requirements in 100% of circumstances. While we strive for the widest range of accessible site features, our software platform would need serious re-tooling to make every last function accessible to every last person with a special access need. With constantly changing web standards, constantly changing assistive technologies (such as screen readers for the blind or vision impaired, etc.) it's hard for us as the owners of this site to keep up with all the changes and spaghetti code together a solution that works for everyone but doesn't break desired functionality. The WinxPortal® software is over 2000 lines of code and thus it would take us quite a lifetime to change it all and two weeks later have to do it again because the standards changed or the current fix broke another desired feature.

While we strive for as accessible of a platform as we can get, we're not perfect and need your help. If you notice an accessibility concern (such as the site not working with assistive technology, colors not working well and thus making it hard to read, or any other accessibility annoyance) please send as much information as you can to the help account about the problem and we'll look into it and try to fix it, but we cannot guarantee anything.

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