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Thread: hello... Just call me Siri

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    House hello... Just call me Siri

    Hello everyone:

    My name is Krystal, but most people just call me Siri. I do volunteer call center work and enjoy watching Winx Club. Two of my colleagues are [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] and [MENTION=5]jmccurdy[/MENTION]. My BFF is [MENTION=8]alexisfleischmann[/MENTION] who is the fiancÚ of [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION].

    You might be asking why on earth does this Krystal person prefer to be called "Siri". The answer is rather simple; I was born with a medical condition which makes it impossible for me to verbally communicate. As a result of this condition I use my iPad with specialized software to communicate.

    I met [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] when we were still in high school, and to be honest, I kind of had a crush on her but never got the chance until several years later to act on that. While we were in high school, [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] and another student started a volunteer call center organization and asked me if I'd like to sign up to be a part of this? I, being a naieve 16 year old who at the time who believed what others told me about not being able to accomplish my dreams because of my disability turned down the offer. During all of this time, my father was struggling with cancer (he would die shortly after I turned 17).

    also when I was 17, [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] moved due to personal troubles that I am not at liberty to disclose. Several years later I wound up seeing if that call center job was still available and sure enough it was. Thanks to [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] I got through training relatively quickly and had risen in the ranks of the organization to where now I am at the top of the whole thing as CEO.

    My ride to to the top was not easy, i had to take over for the old CEO on very short notice (he stepped gown to spend more time with his younger sisters), customers did not like some of the changes I had made to improve customer service (including me still on the phones), and other experiences I will not be discussing here because it would make a book or two.

    Regardless of all the work stuff, [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] found Winx Club in 2014 and brought it in. We as a company loved it a lot. [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] was part of the Winx forum when it got shut down by rainbow and so we had a management meeting with everyone about the beloved Winx forum going away. That sparked an internal project called "project dreamix" which had its own ups and downs. But regardless of that [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] found tons of Winx sites that are linked internally including Dream of Winx.

    This is where my involvment with with the story ends for the most part except for the fact that I am here on this site now.

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    Add2 Re: hello... Just call me Siri


    Glad you made it through the registration process. Hope to see you and some other colleagues on the site soon. [MENTION=3]cfleischmann[/MENTION] is having me test some features soon.

    See you in the office tomorrow.
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